Love Jane is as fresh as startups come, having just launched on Monday morning, May 1st. It promises a seamless way to “discover and order cannabis online,” being the first such marketplace to be granted access to local dispensaries’ point-of-sale data. Think of it almost like an Amazon-lite, but for pot.

You may be wondering, “What’s all the fuss about? What makes this so different from Leafly or Weedmaps?” The big kicker with Jane is that it allows online visitors to track – live and in real time – the inventories of their favorite legal pot establishments.

Alternatively, the site will allow you to track down that last, precious jars of perfectly grown and cured Alien Asshat or Double Tangie Banana nugs, wherever they may be available at the time. You can also pre-order and reserve certain in-demand pot goodies. More info in the link below..